Welcome Sohrab and Yohan to Grad School!


Sohrab and Yohan

I’m proud to announce two new additions to the lab: Dr. Sohrab Ali and Mr. Yohan Kim.  Sohrab is co-supervised by me and Dr. Hassan Razvi as he pursues a MSc in Surgery.  His project is on developing Drosophila models of kidney stone formation.  He comes to us from Pakistan and his ultimate goal is to become a clinician-scientist.  He couldn’t have picked a better lab to learn how!

Yohan is supervised by me (oh oh) and will be doing a PhD on targeting cancer cell microparticle biogenesis during cancer metastasis and seeing if we can stop metastasis that way (HINT: yes we can!).  Yohan is doing his PhD through the Department of Pathology&Laboratory Medicine and did his MSc in the Bryan Heit lab.  We are extremely lucky to have these two in the lab!

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