Mario’s MT1-MMP paper is out!


This paper is the definitive report on the subject of MT1-MMP (aka MMP14) in cancer cell invasion.  Turns out that too much/ectopic overexpression of this membrane type protease does not correlate with a more invasive phenotype.  Instead, tuned levels of this protease are more functional that bombastic levels of this protease.  Makes sense if you believe that invadopodia are the main release conduit for this protease since there isn’t always alot of invadopodia being formed in a single cell at all times.

This paper has 14 figures and it is a magnum opus.  Mario has been a fierce fighter against breast cancer and we hope to turn him into one against prostate cancer!  More on this to come after he’s done his PhD defence.  The impact factor for Molecular Cancer is an impressive 5.88.  Not bad!!!!

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