Mechanisms of Metastasis

The research approach here is a “processes” attitude towards understanding and antagonizing cancer metastasis.  We use three main platforms/techniques to understand metastasis: 1) the chicken embryo as a model for visualizing each step of metastasis, 2) intravital imaging using resonance scanning confocal microscopy, and 3) functional genomics with CRISPR/shRNA lentivirus-based technology to modulate putative tumor suppressors/drivers of metastasis.

Specific projects:

1.  Invadopodia and their role in tumor cell intravasation

2.  Functional Genomics screens for Tks5 expression

3.  Induction of the Oligometastatic State in Metastatic Prostate Cancer

4.  The anti-metastatic effects of excessive microparticle release during cancer cell extravasation


Team: Dr. Karla Williams, Lily Hou, Siddika Pardhan, Slavic Fedyshyn, Dr. Khurram Siddiqui


1.  CUOG Grant – $50,000


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