PDX of RCC biopsies

This aim is led by Dr. Nicholas Power – the goal is to implant a patients RCC biopsies and predict if they will be resistant to Sunitinib or other Targeted Therapies.  We can either directly implant the biopsies into the CAM (avian embryo) or we can culture them, expand them, and then implant hundreds of animals within a month.  We can do drug testing with several different drugs or in sequence to determine which patient tumors are sensitive to drug.  This is a big collaborative effort because it requires histology, ultrasound imaging, primary culture and pathology.

Team: Dr. Nicholas Power, Slavic Fedyshyn, Chantalle Willie, Dr. Jose Gomez-Lemus, Siddika Pardhan, Matthew Lowerison, Dr. James Lacefield, Dr. Ann Chambers, Dr. Clarisse Mazzola


AMOSO Innovation Grant (2013-2016) $450,000

KCRNC Fellowship (2014-2015) $15,000 to Dr. Clarisse Mazzola


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